A full version of St. Andrew's Data Privacy Notice can be downloaded here. A summary version of its key points follows below.

St. Andrew's Chorleywood uses personal data about living individuals solely to facilitate normal church administration.

St. Andrew's is committed to the proper and lawful treatment of personal data. All personal data - which may be held on paper, on computer or in other media, will adhere to the appropriate legal safeguards.

St. Andrew's upholds the eight principles of data handling required by the Data Protection Act. Therefore, you can be assured that St. Andrew's will treat all the personal information that you provide as private and confidential and not process or disclose any data about you except as required to facilitate the administration and ministry of the church, as required to adhere to legal or ethical requirements, or with your consent.

When personal information is collected for use by St. Andrew's we will ensure that:

  • This information is necessary for church purposes.

  • The information is not kept for longer than needed.

  • Anyone supplying the information is aware of this policy and how to obtain a copy.

  • All individuals whose names and contact details are published on our website will be asked to give explicit consent for their details to be included. We will ensure that data is safely removed from the website and responsibly disposed if the individual concerned requests it.

  • Personal information (including photographs) of individuals will not be published on our website without obtaining explicit and informed consent from the individuals concerned or their parents/guardians. We will not publish the names of children and young people alongside their photographs.

  • We will ensure that all church members and attendees are aware of who to contact to update the information held about them by St. Andrew's.

  • A copy of this policy will be held on the church website and is also available from, Church Manager and St Andrew's Data Protection Officer.

  • All personal information held by trustees, staff and volunteers on behalf of St. Andrew's will be held and processed in a sufficiently secure manner (whether in paper or electronic form) to prevent unauthorised access.

If you have any questions about our data protection, please contact or or phone 01923 447111.