St Andrew’s is a thriving, all-age, Anglican, evangelical / charismatic church. We are located in the heart of Chorleywood, Herts, just a few minutes’ walk from Chorleywood station and a 5 minute drive from the M25.

Our Values

The following are our five core guiding values:

  • Pursuing Jesus. We believe that we need to pursue Jesus. We value and practise powerful preaching as well as persistent and faithful prayer, as witnessed by our diary of regular daily, weekly and monthly prayer meetings.

  • Intimate Worship. We believe that spirit-led worship leads us to encounter God’s transformative love and power, drawing us deeper into His Father heart for us.

  • Authentic Community. We believe in the value of people, inter-generational relationships and unity. Midweek lifegroups are an essential part of our framework to build deeper fellowship within the larger community of St Andrew’s, as is our programme of social events.

  • Ministry in the Power of the Holy Spirit. We believe in the ancient and biblical practice of prayer ministry and the laying on of hands for people to receive the Holy Spirit and to be touched by the love of God, to be healed and to be set free. 

  • Urgent Outreach. We believe that we need to be agents of reconciliation between Christ and the world. Therefore we seek to be His ambassadors and witnesses to the lost, the lonely and the unloved. We seek to encourage every type of outreach. Alongside this we aim to run a course exploring our faith, such as The Alpha Course, twice a year as a long-term evangelistic goal.  

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Our aim is to reflect these values in how we worship and in how we interact with each other and with our community. For more information please download our Values of St Andrew’s booklet.


St Andrew’s church, Easter Day, 29 March 1964

St Andrew’s was first established in 1908, in our building now known as The Bridge, as a daughter church of Christ Church, Chorleywood.

The new church grew and in 1963 it was given its own parish and its first vicar. In 1966 a new main building was consecrated and the original one became a church hall.

Throughout its history St Andrew’s has been associated with renewal. From 1980 it became known nationally as a leader in the charismatic movement following a visit (his first to the UK and his first of several to St Andrew’s) by John Wimber. Then in 1989 our vicar at the time, Bishop David Pytches, founded New Wine. For more on how New Wine started and of its story over its first 30 years see this August 2019 video.

St Andrew’s enjoys a reputation for pioneering innovation. Other Christian organisations founded either by St Andrew’s or by one of its members include Soul Survivor (1994) and OneLife (2009). Over the period 2005-2010 St Andrew’s experimented with mission shaped communities (MSCs).

These days St Andrew’s is no longer prominent on the national stage. However it remains strongly true to its roots in mission and in charismatic renewal.