Is God calling YOU to be on St Andrew’s’ Parochial Church Council (PCC)? At our Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) on April 29th we shall be electing a total of nine PCC members this time. Details of a PCC member’s role and its prerequisites can be found here. Please consult those and then prayerfully consider whether God might be calling you to serve in this way. If you decide to stand for election, please complete a nomination form, available from the here or our carousels. You will need a proposer and seconder. Please submit your form as soon as possible. Please also send the parish office a brief (100 words max) personal profile statement in support of your nomination as well as a digital photo of yourself (head and shoulders shot). Please do this by latest April 13th. Submitting a statement and photo is not obligatory but any we receive will be published to prospective voters ahead of the APCM. Please direct any questions to Simon Jones (Church Manager) or Ian Monument (PCC secretary).

The role of the Parochial Church Council (PCC) is the following :

  • Support the vicar in carrying out the mission of the church

  • Represent church members

  • Act as Charity trustees – a legal role

  • Involvement in leadership of the church, reflecting the biblical model of leadership

  • Part of the role is to represent church members. So do feel free to approach any PCC member to discuss an issue.

List of 2015 Meetings:

  • February 2nd

  • April 20th  

  • May 16th

  • July 13th  

  • October 5th  

  • November 30th

Last meeting:

PCC Meeting – 2nd February 2015

At PCC’s February 2015 meeting the main agenda item was a strategic review of the work of Missions Department. Andy Reid (Curate) spoke about the history of Missions Department since he took over as its leader in 2012. The following were the main points discussed :

  • Andy and Nicky’s current focus is on life groups, of which there are currently 19, and to a lesser extent TiE groups. Andy described some of the good missional work that had been done in some life groups.

  • Andy spoke about the recent “Truth, Love, Dare” conference held on January 24th and asked for reactions to it. The general feeling was that there had been a lot of positives from the conference.

  • Some discussion was held around the extent to which life groups are able to do missional projects as a group as opposed to individual life group members being involved in missional activity.

  • Andy asked for some views on what might need to happen when his curacy comes to an end. It was felt that consideration will need to be given then as to how best to continue to support life groups. 

Other topics discussed or noted at the meeting included:

  • a review of the church’s latest financial figures

  • a proposed update to the church’s Mission Action Plan (MAP). This was approved by PCC and will now be put before the whole church at the APCM in April.