Is God calling YOU to be on St Andrew’s’ Parochial Church Council (PCC)? At our Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) on April 29th we shall be electing a total of nine PCC members this time. Details of a PCC member’s role and its prerequisites can be found here. Please consult those and then prayerfully consider whether God might be calling you to serve in this way. If you decide to stand for election, please complete a nomination form, available from the here or our carousels. You will need a proposer and seconder. Please submit your form as soon as possible. Please also send the parish office a brief (100 words max) personal profile statement in support of your nomination as well as a digital photo of yourself (head and shoulders shot). Please do this by latest April 13th. Submitting a statement and photo is not obligatory but any we receive will be published to prospective voters ahead of the APCM. Please direct any questions to Simon Jones (Church Manager) or Ian Monument (PCC secretary).

The role of the Parochial Church Council (PCC) is the following :

  • Support the vicar in carrying out the mission of the church

  • Represent church members

  • Act as Charity trustees – a legal role

  • Involvement in leadership of the church, reflecting the biblical model of leadership

  • Part of the role is to represent church members. So do feel free to approach any PCC member to discuss an issue.

List of 2015 Meetings:

  • July 13th  

  • October 5th  

  • November 30th

Last meeting:

PCC Meetings – April 20th and May 16th 2015

At PCC’s April meeting the main business was to approve various reports and proposals relating to the church’s upcoming Annual Parochial Church meeting (APCM), e.g. the church’s 2014 accounts and 2015 electoral roll revisions.
Other topics discussed at the meeting included a (unanimously approved) proposal to provide Kez Stedman (our Children and Families intern) with modest sponsorship for a Children’s Work course she will undertake during her forthcoming 2nd year.
PCC’s May meeting was for a full day. Being the first meeting since the PCC elections in April the main focus was to form the new PCC. This involved a mix of formal and informal/social activities. The formal business included election of officers for the next 12 months and the casting of lots to determine lengths of service (1, 2 or 3 years) for the 9 newly elected members. The PCC also reviewed its own meeting etiquette.
The main business of the meeting involved a discussion on several staffing issues. Terence Russoff presented his findings from a recent study to establish a framework against which to make future staffing decisions. Terence’s key recommendation was to develop a more intentional focus on development and management of volunteers, and hence, over time, to shift the church’s current staff/intern/volunteer balance. His report was enthusiastically endorsed by PCC. (Its summary conclusions will be presented to the church in the near future.) This discussion set the scene for a decision then taken to reappoint a Youth Pastor once Nick Moeke leaves, but not to replace our two outgoing Youth interns. Instead of finding new interns, the church will seek to bolster our youth team volunteer team. The PCC also discussed the potential appointment of a second clergy member once Rachel and Andy have both left.