Is God calling YOU to St Andrew’s Parochial Church Council (PCC)? Click here for more information.

The role of the Parochial Church Council (PCC) is the following :

  • Support the vicar in carrying out the mission of the church

  • Represent church members

  • Act as Charity trustees – a legal role

  • Involvement in leadership of the church, reflecting the biblical model of leadership

  • Part of the role is to represent church members. So do feel free to approach any PCC member to discuss an issue.


List of 2017 Meetings:

  • March 27th (PCC)
  • April 24th (Standing Committee)
  • April 26th APCM (Including the commissioning of the new PCC)
  • May 13th (Saturday) (PCC)
  • May 22nd (Standing Committee)
  • June 19th (Standing Committee)
  • July 3rd (PCC)
  • July 17th (Standing Committee)
  • September 18th (Standing Committee)
  • October 2nd (PCC)
  • October 16th (Standing Committee)
  • November 13th (Standing Committee)
  • November 27th (PCC)
  • December 4th (Standing Committee) (Provisional date)